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Treatment support and advice

FAQ items

A patient support website: Together

If you, or a person you are caring for, has been prescribed Enbrel (etanercept) there is a secure support website called the Together Programme available. This website has secure access and requires registration using the pack code located on your Enbrel pack, this measure helps to verify website users.

You can login/register by clicking in the top right hand corner of this website.

Routines are important

Taking Enbrel on time and in the right way is important to get the best results. This means taking it exactly as your doctor tells you, possibly over many years. Just remember, even if you are feeling better, you need to keep taking your medication as instructed by your doctor. Otherwise your symptoms may come back.

Find a routine that works for you. Set specific days and times for your injection. Some people find it helpful to mark it in their calendar or diary. You could even set a reminder on your phone.

Support groups and individuals

So much support is available. It’s just a matter of finding it and learning how to use it. Your doctor and specialist nurses will help with your ongoing care. They will monitor your symptoms and check your treatment is working.

Top tip: Prepare for your consultation;

  • Thinking about what you want to discuss beforehand
  • Turn up with any information that would be useful
  • Keep track of your symptoms and side effects

Lots of other people and services can help too: pharmacists, NHS 111 if it’s not an emergency, community services and patient support groups.

Websites are also packed full of helpful information. Be sure to pick ones that are provided by reputable sources.

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